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About JMR

Our long term goal is to create a fully funded ladder system in motor racing which will give the most talented racers the opportunity to rise to the top of the sport. This ladder will provide those who are truly the most talented with the opportunities befitting of their talent. The first rung of the ladder represents the first steps into motor racing and therefore the most junior formulae. Each successive step represents a move upwards to more senior categories, depending on the unique strengths of each driver, this may take them upwards through formula, prototype or GT racing.

Motor racing is a notoriously difficult endeavour for those on a limited budget and the history books are filled with examples of sports men and women who possessed the skills but unfortunately not the funding to make their mark on the sport. Our aim is to ensure that the world class drivers bred here in the UK are given the opportunities they so rightly deserve, in order to best represent themselves and their country in the sport.

With this in mind, our first scholarship will consist of a fully funded season in the 2018 National Formula Ford Championship. A hotly contested category year on year, it has proven itself to be a breeding ground for F1 champions, Le mans winners and GT legends alike. Countless drivers have cut their teeth in this category and gone on to tremendous success at an international level and so represents a strong first step on the JMR Scholarship ladder.

If you, or your business, sympathises strongly with our goals and would like to support our efforts then please get in touch using any of the contact methods provided and help the cream of UK talent rise to the top.

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